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Enterprises want to optimize their business performance and provide an enhanced user experience that includes communications and network access to content and applications from anywhere. Both can be achieved by enabling a connected experience that delivers personalized value for every individual.

Global Convergence, Inc. welcomes Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise! Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise makes communications and networking technologies affordable, accessible and sustainable. Offering powerful, cost-effective solutions that help organizations embrace new uses and models, Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise enables multimedia conversations across any device supported by an Application Fluent Network from the office to the cloud.

Expect Mobility

By 2015 there will be over 1.3 billion global mobile workers. And they expect to have the same applications and access available no matter what network they are connected to. And they demand the same functionality and performance. How are you preparing your clients to support this network transformation? Learn more with these marketing tools:

  • Meet user needs for seamless mobility and BYOD. BYOD Application Note
  • Unified Access for a seamless user experience on wired or wireless devices (View video clip on Access Unified Access)
  • Leverage the Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise Application Fluent Network to meet the demands of digital business environments (View video clip on Application Fluent Network)
  • Increase the value of your customer's existing technology investments while creating a path to state-of-the-art tools
  • Leverage ClearPass Policy Management System for security and BYOD Network Services

Additional tools:

Reduce Costs and Unify Wired and Wireless Networks Simplify Wireless and Enhance Your Margins with new Wireless Mobility Packages from Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise & GCI. Whether you’re selling to enterprises, schools or hospitals and clinics, your customers have mission-critical applications that require a dependable – and affordable – wireless network. And we're here to help you address those needs with customized products and services package:

Wireless Packages

Clear Pass Service Package

OminAccess Package

OminiVista Service Package

Learn how you can become an Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise Solution Provider today!

Contact our dedicated Partner Development Manager today for more information on Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise Solutions: (813) 925-6020