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Big Switch Networks, The Next-Generation Data Center Networking Company

Big Switch’s mission is to disrupt the status quo of networking with order of magnitude improvements in network intelligence, agility, and flexibility by delivering Next-Generation Data Center Networking. We enable data center transformation and accelerate business velocity by delivering a responsive, automated, and programmable software-defined networking (SDN) fabric-based networking solution.

Traditionally, the network has been viewed as the barrier to data center transformation as legacy networking architectures hinder IT organizations with brittle, complex and cumbersome switch-by-switch management paradigms and inflexible, proprietary hardware choices that are increasingly unable to keep up with the pace required of businesses today.

By combining open networking hardware from EdgeCore, with intelligent SDN control software, the company is bringing unmatched intelligence, agility, and flexibility to data centers, enabling network owners to quickly deploy, automate, scale out, and monitor and secure their networks, while optimizing OpEx and CapEx.

Big Switch Networks has two data center networking solutions: Big Cloud FabricTM, a data center switching fabric for OpenStack clouds or VMware virtualization environments, and Big Monitoring FabricTM, a network packet broker architecture that enables pervasive visibility and security across all workloads — physical, virtual machine, container, and cloud — for inline and out-of-band tools.

Big Switch is taking three key technologies: industry-standard switch hardware, featuring EdgeCore Open Network Solutions, SDN control software, and core-and-pod data center designs –and leveraging them for use in next-generation data center switching and monitoring solutions designed for use in enterprises and service providers.

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