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Certes Networks Now Available at GCI

Certes Networks is a leader in multi-layer security and network encryption solutions enabling organizations to protect data, reduce risk and comply with privacy regulations over any network or connectivity without affecting performance of networks or applications. Certes products ensure that connectivity for data centers, public and private Clouds and service provider networks is safe for sensitive workloads.

New Product Announcement - Certes Launches CryptoFlow Mobile!

Seamlessly compatible with Mobile Device Management and Enterprise Mobility Management Solutions, CryptoFlow Mobile automatically handles the complex encryption and policy enforcement for sensitive data traveling over local area networks, wide-area networks, internet, wireless and cloud environments. Read more about CryptoFlow Mobile.

Register today! Certes partners with Gartner to offer an On-demand Webinar that focuses on the challenges associated with encrypting data in motion in the modern enterprise. Click on the link to view the webcast

Why Partner with Certes Networks

Certes solutions enables a security manager to simply and easily set encryption policies for data in motion,create secure multi-point VPNs,and continuously audit the security status of sensitive data in motion. With point-and-click simplicity, Certes Cryptoflowâ„¢ VPNs represent the new generation of security solutions designed for applications and devices that are mobile, enterprise borders that are porous and that security must fluidly adapt to users, locations, applications and circumstances.