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Memotec NetPerformer(TM) Integrated Access Routers (SDM 9220 and SDM 9230) and the NetPerformer Serial Port Extender (SDM 8400) are now available at Interlink.

NetPerformer SDM 9220 and 9230 maximize network performance and provide excellent convergence capabilities for the efficient and secure transport of multiple communications services while optimizing voice, data and video communications applications transmitted through a private network.

NetPerformer offers leading compression technology plus multiplexing and prioritization capabilities that make it the product of choice for converged voice and data applications over satellite networks. NetPerformer SDM 9220 and 9230 support legacy protocols and IP data that make them ideal choices for Government, Military, Oil & Gas, Industrial and Multiservice VSAT applications.

NetPerformer SDM 8400 Serial Port Extender for the NetPerformer Integrated Access Routers delivers up to eight serial ports either on the SDM 9220 or SDM 9230 with unlimited port extension through IP daisy chains.