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Software Defined Networking (SDN) Comes of Age

Global Convergence, Inc. welcomes Nuage Networks.

Masterful at the delivery of an abstraction & automation layer between networking features and equipment, Nuage Networks offers Solution Providers a non-disruptive, policy-driven overlay to existing virtualized and non-virtualized network resources.

Whether your customer base includes Enterprise or Service Providers, if the IT infrastructure is virtualized or if they use Cloud Management systems such as OpenStack, or if there is a need to connect branch office locations, you'll want to speak with us about Nuage Networks.

Nuage Networks offers a unique combination of ground breaking technologies and unmatched networking expertise that enables them to introduce radically new thinking and pick up where others have left off to deliver a massively scalable SDN solution that ensures the data center and wide area network are able to respond instantly to demand, without boundaries.

Enterprise Solution Providers

Your end-user customers expect cloud services that rival major public cloud provider offerings. Network limitations may hamper IT flexibility and there are increasing demands for network virtualization, cloud management stacks and networking hardware.

Nuage Networks Virtualized Services Platform (VSP) unifies virtualization environments (such as VMware, KVM and Xen), Cloud Management Software (such as OpenStack, CloudStack and VMware) and bare metal (non-virtualized) resources into a cohesive, flexible cloud network.

Nuage Networks has created several use case briefs for Private Cloud, Network Security and Software Defined Wide Area Networking that illustrate how their SDN capabilities can help your customers exceed end-users' expectations.


Service Provider Customers

Your Service Provider customers face increased competition from industry giants, a shortage of skilled staff and shrinking margins. Nuage Networks SDN solutions deliver the flexibility they need for cost-effective services leveraging SDN for CMS automation, multi-tenant security and more.

Service Providers require a network that supports every environment, provides automation efficiencies and addresses their customers' unique environments. Nuage Networks virtualization capabilities offer the flexibility needed to include network services in the mix along with the profitability to make it worthwhile.

Nuage Networks has created several use case briefs illustrating how their SDN capabilities can help you exceed your end-users' expectations in the areas of CMS Automation, Borderless Datacenters and Virtualized Network Services.


Nuage Networks

Nuage Networks DevOps Cloud Reference Architecture Demo - VSP 3.0 OpenStack Reference Demo.

Contact your Global Convergence, Inc. (GCI) Account Manager today for more information on Nuage Solutions: (813) 925-6020