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Global Convergence Inc. (GCI) offers its solution providers a unique opportunity to leverage high-growth technologies and partner with some of the hottest software vendors in the market. Watchful® Software is one such vendor partner.

Watchful Software is focused on providing data-centric information security that works. With the massive amounts of resources that have been invested in securing the network perimeter, one thing has become painfully clear: protecting the perimeter alone has proven ineffective; just read the news. In the advent of BYOD, information flows freely inside and outside the perimeter; therefore, it is incumbent upon enterprises to secure the information itself.

Recognized by CRN as one of 2014's hottest emerging technology vendors, Watchful Software addresses this by answering three of the most critical issues facing CIOs and CSOs today:

1. How do I protect one of my company's greatest assets - its information?

2. How do I prevent information from unintentionally getting into the wrong hands?

3. How do I ensure that people accessing the information are who they say they are?

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RightsWATCH Data-Centric Security

RightsWATCH keeps sensitive data safe and secure regardless of whether it’s in transit or stored inside or outside your network perimeter. Identifying, classifying, marking, protecting and tracking your sensitive information has never been easier.

RightsWATCH allows customers to protect key corporate information regardless of what form it is in so that only those users that are expressly authorized, can read and use the data.

  • Keeps data safe from security breaches, unauthorized or accidental disclosure
  • Protects data in a BYOD world
  • Automatically classifies data per security policy
  • Decreases liability with automatic watermarking
  • Thorough forensic tracking for compliance, legal and audit
  • Easy to deploy
  • Seamlessly integrates into the user workflow

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